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6 Reasons Why You Should Use WPC Composite Decking for Pool Area

Designing a swimming pool may be an easy step, but deciding the decking material is challenging. The pool deck can easily become wet, making the surrounding area slippery, which may lead to slips and falls. Especially with children running around and attempting diving, a slippery floor can be a big cause of accidents. To prevent such disasters, you need a decking solution that will make your swimming pool a safe place to relax, and WPC composite decking is an excellent choice, for that matter.

So, let's discuss different commonly used materials for flooring around the swimming pool and which one should be your preference in terms of longevity, style, and of course, safety.

Materials Used for Swimming Pool Decking

Getting the right material for your pool requires special consideration.

  • Wooden Board

    Wooden board decking is both classy and contemporary and gives you more variety and choices. For example, Pine, Cedar, and Brazilian Ipe wood are the commonly used ones, and for an expansive touch, you can go for Timber.

    Although wood decking offers more designs, it requires regular maintenance, or it can become a breeding ground for mold and result in cracking. Wood decking demands seasonal cleaning, sealing, and sanding.

  • Stone

    Stone is also a fine material for its anti-slip properties. Stone decking solution gives a bit of a rugged look, while the natural texture of stones makes the area less slippery. Flagstone, Bluestone, Marble, and Granite pavers are popular choices for designing swimming pool decks. Natural stones are durable, require minimum maintenance, and are able to withstand hot summers. But you may start to regret using it after you fall on the hard, cold, and rough stone.

  • Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are preferred because of their clean and modern look. The polished tile texture can transform a simple deck into a stylish outdoor space. Tiling offers perks for people who want their pool decks to complement their home décor. Ceramic tiles can endure the pool's chemicals, and with proper care, they will perform well for years to come. However, they are notoriously slippery.

  • WPC Composite Decking

    Wood Plastic Composite (WPC composite decking) is a hybrid decking material made of plastic and wood. This sturdy and durable material is prepared by mixing 60% timber fibers and 30% HDPE and additives. Unlike the traditional wooden decks, WPC Composite decking is a perfect decking solution, ticking all the deck beauty and safety boxes.

    It is anti-slip, comfortable, durable, low maintenance, less prone to fading and rotting. Above all, WPC is the best anti-slip composite decking that comes at an affordable budget.

Why is WPC Composite Decking Your Best Bet?

Unlike traditional wood decking, WPC composite decking is a type of WPC composite products, using recycled synthetic material. The end product not only gives a nice resemblance to the natural wood but offers a plethora of benefits over natural wood.

  • Anti-Slip:

    WPC Composite decking is made of wood and plastic and covered by a special finish. The anti-slip finish provides strong traction, making it completely anti-slip and safe for the poolside area.

  • Comfortable Surface:

    WPC composite decking surface is way smoother than a deck designed with natural wood. The firmer surface of the deck can take the pressure of any fall without showing signs of damage.

  • Heat Resistant:

    WPC composite decking is the best decking solution for hotter regions. The deck's outer surface is resistant to UV rays, giving you a colder surface to walk under the scorching sun and avoid foot burn.

  • No Mold:

    Compared to other decking materials, WPC composite decking does not absorb water, preventing the growth of mold, keeping your deck clean and healthy.

  • No Cracking:

    WPC Composite decking is UV rays resistant, making it last longer without cracking or splitting.

  • No Color Fading:

    Natural wood loses its color as they absorb heat from the sun. But since the WPC decking is resistant to UV rays, it retains its impressive appearance for years to come.

Hybrid Wpc Flooring

Wallong Superior Quality Wood for Your Swimming Pool Decking

Businesses prefer WPC Composite Decking because of its numerous benefits, longer life span, and cost-effectiveness, but only if it features a high-quality build.

Therefore, Wallong WPC manufacturers should be your best choice for all your commercial and residential needs. We have rich hands-on experience in the field and have brought many innovative designs and solutions to the table.

By getting a WPC Composite Decking from Wallong, you get superior wood decking with the following benefits.

  • It comes with an uncanny resemblance to the original timber wood, making your swimming pool deck look luxurious and exquisite.

  • The deck's core is resistant to crack, stain, or fade.

  • The deck surface is smooth and comfortable, with no bubbles destroying the look and strength of your decking.

  • We use high-quality HDPE and innovative technology to support the contraction and extraction of the material used in the decking. This prevents your deck from damaging under heavy use.

  • The decking is completely scratch-free.

  • It is anti-slip and prevents the growth of mold and mildews.


With 14-year experience in WPC composite decking, Wallong keeps launching new products to meet the various needs of our clients. We have built a team of talents and experts to serve every customer from business, real estate, and industry with perfect and professional decking solutions.

If you would like to get high-quality WPC composite decking, feel free to contact us to receive the most satisfying wood plastic composite products and services!

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