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Why Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Becomes Popular?

If tracing back to 1960 or 1970, outdoor Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) was still a new material that few people know about it.

However, with decreasing of timber resources and the common consciousness of protecting the environment. This new and environmental begins to jump on its stage. It becomes a perfect alternatives of timber.

The data below clearly shows how rapid it grows up and how popular it has become now:

From 1990 to 2000, it maintained an increase of more than 10%.

From 2000 to 2010, it has an increase of nearly 50% in 10 years.

From 2010 to 2020, it has a massive increase of more than 400-600% in 10 years.

To well analyze the reasons why WPC becomes popular nowadays, we need to review some basic information about it.

What is WPC?

Wood Plastic Composite is made of 60% wood fibers, 30% recycled high-density polyethylene(HDPE) and 10% additives. All these materials are environmentally friendly.

WPC can be produced in decking, wall cladding, DIY tiles, fences, railings and decorations tubes for commercial, residential, and industrial area.

What are the benefits of WPC?

1. Tough

WPC board is not only natural and nice like real timber, it is also strong and tough. Wallong® Technology WPC products are produced with high quality material and tested by times to reach quality standard. For example, Wallong® composite decking can burden weight over 3000N to 4000N for each types of decking every 300mm.

2. Enduring

Unlike most wood, WPC Boards don’t rot, warp or splinter, its color and nice texture can be last longer under outdoor conditions. Like Wallong® Superior wood co-extrusion WPC decking and wall cladding collection, its color maintains natural and no fading. Wallong® Technology develops a 360 degree cap with good quality material and perfect formulation, it is UV resistant , moisture-proof, anti-corrosive.

3. Low maintenance

WPC board can be easily cleaned and maintained without additional painting and dyeing every year. Usually what we need to use are soft brush/broom, clean water and soap. The stains can be cleaned.

Above all, you can save a lot of time and money for the maintenance. Like Wallong® WPC decking, it ensures your free time is spent relaxing and enjoying outdoor with your family and friends and not spending your leisure time removing stains, varnishing, repairing and replacing rotten timber.

4. Easy installation

Like WPC decking, it can be cut, sawed, planed, nailed, painted, bonded, and has an excellent industrial design. If you would like to know more about the fast installation, please view more information on Wallong® WPC decking. Wallong® is a professional decking producer and meanwhile provides all kinds of professional and patient advises to whom wants to start WPC products import/wholesaler business, like installation and maintenance.

5. Durable

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)  is famous for its longevity, a quality that traditional wooden decking often lacks. Wallong® Technology WPC frontier board range offers 10-20 years warranties and its quality can be used even longer.

Plastic Plank Decking

So what on earth and what factors drive up the demands of WPC?

1. The technology development

After years of WPC development, the production technology has improved a lot and reached a mature level. Much new technology and design emerge, like 2nd generation co-extrusion and even 3rd generation WPC.

Besides, the other related product chains like all kinds of accessories and machines, it is well formed and can support WPC's further development.

More workers and people participate in the WPC industry, the practitioners get more skilled and professional.

All this ultimately drives the WPC industry to a higher level.

2. The expansion of sales channels

The sales channels of WPC develop and expands quickly. With more talented marketing people participating in this WPC business, more sales and promotion stimulate more demand for WPC.

A perfect supply and marketing channel thus forms, which in a way makes WPC products more popular.

3. Wider application of WPC

The improvement of WPC technology helps. Now WPC not only can be produced in decking board but also in tiles, wall cladding, fences, pergolas and all kinds of designs of decoration tubes, it has a wide range of shapes, becoming a trendy popular building material.

WPC has been widely used in parks, garden villas for outdoor walls, floors, balconies, terraces, and outdoor fences, and any other exterior building decoration. View more at Wallong® Composite projects.

4. Global environmental awareness

With the decrease of forests and the serious phenomenon of global warming, more and more people realize we need to take action right away to protect our environment and our world.

WPC products as an eco-friendly material, therefore, become a good alternative to wood and becomes popular.

Wallong® dedicates to protecting the environment and loves nature. As a high-tech and leading manufacturer in producing WPC products, Wallong's mission is to save forest resources and remain the green world for generations to come.

5. Governments to promote green economy

Many countries have focused a lot on a sustainable circular economy, especially in recent years. With the Implementation of preferential policies and measures that more governments take, like less tax or free tax, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), an eco-friendly building material, is preferred and widely accepted.

6. People pursue better outdoor living

With the advancement of people's lives, single and traditional materials no longer meet modern people's space. People pursue better outdoor living, like the garden or patio, and more and more family/homeowners are seeking the best in class decking, and the benefits of WPC decking is discovered. WPC can well meet a higher expectation of better decking, especially Wallong® WPC decking, which is tough, enduring, low maintenance, easy installation and durable.

Deck Boards Plastic Composite

All the factors above make Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) popular.

With the popularity of WPC and also the good reputation of quality, Wallong® WPC keeps a rapid sales increase every year. And many professional people in this industry believe there is still a huge potential demand for WPC and much space for business growth.

If you have any further questions about WPC products and business cooperation, please feel free to contact the Wallong WPC team at

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