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Is WPC Decking Cheaper than Wood?

When it comes to the budget of decking projects, especially for the massive one, builders/importers who haven't started using WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking would easily have this concern and question: Is WPC decking cheaper than other real wood?

Plastic Deck Lumber

So, how can you make a best solution meanwhile cost-effective for your customers?

Here we need to analyze this question and find out the answer from different aspects as below:

1. Invest cost at initial stage

Wooden decking, especially the soft wood, is commonly seen as the cheaper one. It is a more conventional route to submit this solution to your customers.Actually there are other timber like hard wood, its cost would be even higher than composite decking.

The initial cost of a quality composite WPC decking may thus seem expensive compared to a wooden one, but the investment for WPC is guaranteed to be paid off as time goes by. Especially Wallong® Composite decking, with its high quality and long lifespan, it can be used more than 20+ years, no fading and low maintenance, the average cost will be goes down with time.

Therefore, in long term, Wallong® WPC decking is the one that worthy to be chosen.

2. Installation cost

It is very obvious that WPC decking is more easy to be installed. As WPC decking is designed with grooves on the sides, and with a faster fix system with hidden clips in the gaps between the boards. The clips slides into the grooves edges of the board and is easily screwed.

This system will help us to reduce installation time and to some extent save cost for your customer. Wallong® Technology supplies both decking and whole fix system to customers, which will save your time and cost for searching matching system.

3. Cycle Maintenance cost

The cycle Maintenance cost includes labor cost, time cost, clean and maintenance tools.

Wood decking may look great once installed but comes with many unfortunate drawbacks and requires costly annual maintenance, like painting and cleaning, it will happen more labor cost and time cost compared with composite decking.

However, Wallong® Composite decking doesn't require any painting, and it won't stain, crack and have mould like timber decking, it lasts longer and also very easy to clean. Just follow the cleaning and care guide of composite decking, and do the simple cleaning work.

4. Lifespan of the decking

Wallong® Wood-plastic composite decking is famous for its longevity, due to its high tech manufacturing. Conventional composite decking can last 5-10 years and premium co-extrusion decking can be used usually 10-20 year and even more.

This is the traditional wooden decking often lacks. Customers often find that they have to replace their wooden deck in as little as 5 years if strict maintenance routines aren't kept up.

5. Other factors concerned

A new wood decking also has a beautiful natural looking at the beginning, but it needs annual attention to maintain this. WPC decking won’t have this issues.

Besides, traditional timber decking is installed with only screws, which usually have a shortcoming that the exposed nails looks ugly. WPC decking is a kind of WPC timber that is installed with hidden clips and screws, so it's a perfectly modern and clean looking.

The most important thing is, sometimes, in order to match different style of projects and market wholesaler, Customers would need different decking surface, like different colors, wood grain and better weather resistant performances. This requirements only Wallong® WPC decking can reach. Wallong® has been famous for its innovations and strong technology. As a professional wood plastic composite supplier, Wallong can customize a nice and superior quality composite decking for you.

At last, let's see find out the result directly via a comparison chart as below.

Plastic Board Decking

**Costs for decking without substructure. Cost includes cost of decking board, installation and cleaning materials needed for annual maintenance.**

We can see, as time goes by, the cost of Wallong® composite decking keeps still, while the other wood decking increases cost from different ratio. Wallong® composite decking is the best.

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