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What is WPC Board? Where to Buy WPC?

Natural Timber for the purpose of decking is not easily available, especially with concerns for nature preservation. So we have to look for alternative options. The material should be readily available, affordable, economical, and environmentally friendly, WPC product here is the perfect choice. Do you know what is WPC board? WPC board is the best alternative to timber or natural wood. The article is aimed to introduce the WPC board as an excellent choice for decking and to highlight its advantages. So, let's get started.

What is WPC board?

WPC board is the best alternative for natural wood and plywood. They have become a popular choice for decking due to their strength, long life span, and environmental friendliness, as no tree has to be cut for their production. These WPC composite products are available in a wide range of designs and dimension.

Composite Decking Cost Per Square Foot

What is composite decking made of?

Composite decking is a man-made building product. The raw material used in composite decking production includes 60% Wood fiber, 40% polyethylene and 10% additive. The materials are mixed and heated up to a certain temperature, and after molding into boards, they are cooled. The resulting deck needs no paint or any sort of water or stain-proofing. The composite WPC decking, hard in nature, is immune to wearing and rotting.

Moreover, they are excellent water-resistant, and they don't color fade. With all these properties, Composite decking has become a popular choice for decking. The other applications of composite decking are as follows:

  • Exterior applications (outdoor floor decking, wall cladding, fencing and railing,  etc.)

  • Other applications (Balcony, bathroom tile, etc.)

Composite Decking Planks For Sale

Advantages of WPC composite decking

Since now, it is clear what is WPC board. Now let me tell you the actual advantages of the WPC board, due to which it has become so popular.

1. High strength

WPC boards have high strength and durability because they can withstand harsh climatic conditions and loads.

2. Waterproof and termite-proof

Termite attack is the biggest problem with natural wood and timber, but this concern has been eliminated with the WPC board. Moreover, WPC boards are waterproof.

3. Fire retardant

WPC boards are designed to be self-extinguishing, meaning they don't ignite the fire. The material doesn't help spread the flame, making it a safe option, especially for fire-prone areas.

4. No painting is required.

WPC boards don't require staining, oiling, or any sort of painting. The only thing you have to apply is a PVC primer on WPC boards. That's it.

5. Do not corrode

Over the period, WPC boards don't undergo rotting and corroding. They are immune to decay, rotting, and marine borer attack.

6. Environmental friendly

What is WPC board popular for? Its popularity is due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly. In the production of WPC boards, no trees are cut. In addition to that, WPC boards are free of lead, methanol, urea, and formaldehyde.

Wallong Technology's Composite decking

If you are interested in buying WPC boards, please contact our sales team to get a sample and quotation. We are one of the leading plastic wood suppliers in China and our latest composite decking is a revolutionary product for outdoor solutions. Wallong Technology's composite decking is the final product that can easily replicate the advantages of timber without any defects of fading, rotting, and staining. Some of the most obvious advantages that you can expect from our WPC composite decking are:

1. UV resistance

2. Easy installation

3. Scratch resistance

4. Low maintenance

5. Abrasion resistance

6. Fire rating

7. Anti-slip

8. Long life span

What are you waiting for? Contact us and change the look of your house or commercial building.

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