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Everything You Need To Know About WPC Fence

Homeowners are always in search of unique and versatile materials to design their outdoor spaces. The one that is making the headlines these days is the WPC fence.

The WPC fence has become a preferred choice due to its strength and durability. WPC outdoor fence panels are made of recycled hardwood fibers and recycled polythene. The composite nature means no splinters, easy maintenance, and high resistance against fungus and termite. Not to forget, you get to enjoy an excellent natural texture while playing your part in creating a sustainable environment. All these features make the wood plastic composite fence a great choice of fencing material for houses in any region.

Reasons to Build WPC Fences

WPC fence panels have drastically replaced traditional plywood fences for many reasons. The endless list of benefits that comes along with the WPC fence makes it a top choice for people wanting a reliable, beautiful, and durable fencing material.

Here are some reasons people install outdoor fence panels around their houses and properties.

  • For Marking the Property

    Homeowners want and have to specify the boundaries of their territory, and using WPC fences for drawing a boundary around the house helps mark the area that comes under their property.

  • For Privacy

    Privacy is what consumers are keenly concerned about – there are no reasons to suffer from peeping sights. They must have no hesitation to choose a house with super privacy protection. That is why builders or real estate dealers recommend installing a WPC fence around the house. The fence around the home works as a visual barrier that does not allow people to peek inside the house. It is especially beneficial for backyard areas with a pool, hot tub, patio, etc.

  • For Security

    By securing the parameter of the house with a well-made fence, you can improve the house’s security. WPC material is also an excellent option for mounting a more comprehensive security system. Thanks to their strength, WPC fences are also helpful in restricting unwanted entry into the property, including intruders and wild animals. What's more, you can let your dog run happily without worrying about them running out of the house and facing danger.

  • For Decoration

    An elegantly designed house with a sophisticated exterior needs equally beautiful fencing, and with WPC fence panels, you get to enjoy fantastic options. From color to texture, you can get a fence that balances and improves the overall design of your home décor.

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How to Install the WPC Fence?

Installing the wood fences requires a lot of time and energy but installing the WPC fence is straightforward. Follow our guide, and you can easily fix your composite fencing around your house.

  • Set Galvanized Supports on the Ground

    Before digging a hole in the ground, you should clear the dirt or debris on the fence area. After flattening the surface, fix the galvanized support into the ground. To inert the support, you need to dig a fence post hole about 25% the post height. Make sure the fence posts are maximum of 1.8m apart. This will ensure that fence poles can strongly support the fence panels.

  • Set WPC Posts

    Now, place the WPC posts into the ground. Make sure every post is 100% leveled before applying concrete. Also, remember that fence posts must have at least 25% of their height concrete into the ground.

  • Slide-In the Fence Board

    After strongly placing the fence post into the ground, all you need to do is slide in the fence board. Carefully insert the board in every pole, and your fence is ready.

  • Cap the Posts

    Once the board is inside the posts, cap the top of the posts. This action is to prevent water from entering the posts, which affects the fence's durability. Also, the shape border of the posts can be hidden, creating a safe environment for backyard activities.

Benefits of Choosing Wallong WPC Fence

Wallong is a top wood plastic composite supplier in China and has been in the wood plastic composite industry for more than 15 years with a highly skilled technical team. From delivering top-quality composite fencing to providing a professional installation guide, we have everything you need to design versatile wood plastic composite fencing for your home and property.

Below are some of the advantages you can enjoy when you choose the Wallong WPC fence:

  • We have fencing solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial users, offering options to every type of consumer.

  • We deliver high-quality fencing material to ensure your fence lasts for years to come with durable and rugged construction.

  • We provide unique, customizable solutions to accommodate the need of our customers. So, if you want something different for your outdoor fence panels, Wallong can make your dream come true.

  • We give you six color choices for your WPC fence, making them different from others in the industry.

  • Our WPC fences are UV, fade, and weather-resistant and require low maintenance. No need to paint or seal. Also, you can easily install them and do not need any technical skills.

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Wallong is a leading WPC manufacturer in China that has been providing various types of wood plastic composite products to clients worldwide for 13 years. Well-known for its innovations and quality, we offer customizable solutions to all types of clients. If you are looking for high-strength, durable, and low-maintenance fencing materials, you can trust our WPC fence panels to make your clients property more secure and appear aesthetically pleasing.

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