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Market Situation of WPC Composite Decking Under Covid-19 Pandemic

Wood Plastic Composite is a material known to be more durable than real wood. It is a material made of wood fibers, plastics, and other filler materials. The material is also helpful for how it cannot give splinters off or slippery surfaces. Meanwhile, WPC composite decking is the most popular application, along with terrrace, cladding, fencing and other decoration purposes. However, the technique in the field is different. Most companies fail to capture that natural wood texture in the material. But after Wallong WPC technician team's continuous endevar and innovation, we overcome the hurdles to deliver WPC composite decking that feels like natural wood.

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What is the WPC Market Situation under COVID-19 Pandemic?

Covid-19 and Industries of the World's Market

Covid-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on many industries around the world. Several industries found ways for rapid progress. As Eastern industries recover in the earlier half of 2020, many European and American individuals staying at home went on to choose for Eastern companies for their solutions.

The WPC composite decking and other solutions industries benefitted from the change in trends and DIY methods in the west. Eastern companies come forward to state that their products have had sales soar in these challenging times. They state there are multiple contributing factors to this. They expect further growth on similar or greater levels shortly as an ideal decking solution.

Why WPC Composite Decking?

WPC composite decking makes use of wood fiber and polyethylene polymers to provide an ideal decking solution. It provides all the features of hardwood along with the benefits and low maintenance of polyethylene. It is at several advantages against regular hardwood. For instance:

1. No fading, no need painting, sealing or renovation.

2. Incredibly resistant to insect and mold.

3. Withstands the forces of outdoor environment.

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Key Factors Driving the Global WPC Composite Decking Market

The global WPC composite decking market has driven itself and thrived throughout the Pandemic. As per a report by Mordor Intelligence, it is expected to stay strong even afterwards until the latter half of the decade. Thanks to several factors contributing to this material's success globally:

1. The primary factor that drives the industry towards this success is the high demand for the product. Volume has doubled for several of the WPC composite applications.

2. The next factor in line is the durability of the products. Products made of wood plastic composite materials are more durable to natural elements such as rain, heat, and sun. The material doesn't need for painting, varnishing, or sealing after installation.

3. The utilizations of decking itself are endless. It can get used in garden renovation and landscaping. It can help in the extension of living areas of houses.

4. WPC composite decking can also be utilized to replace or enhance stone structures outdoors, such as patios.

5. WPC, comprising both wood fiber and polyethylene, uses recycled materials such as shampoo bottles and leftover of furniture. They also curb down the demand for logging of trees in the market. Thus, the material is environmentally friendly to a great extent when compared to similar solutions. This eco-friendly concept is highly attention by more and more modern consumers.

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Development Trend of WPC Composite Decking

WPC composite decking is expected to observe a greater than 5% increase in CAGR in 2016-2026. A steadily growing demand is being observed for WPC composite decking from the building and construction sector. Moreover, more corporations pursue the option due to recycled materials, leading to a possibly massive growth factor for the market.

A massive increase in sales has been observed in Europe, where solid profile sales replace hollow profiles. However, North America, primarily the USA, accounted for the most significant market share for WPC composite decking. It is mainly attributed to the rise in infrastructure growth projects throughout the region.

Wallong Technology's Composite Decking

Wallong WPC has been dedicated over the years as one of the leading manufacturers of WPC products. Wallong caters to clients from around the world and has been delivering quality service even throughout the Pandemic. At the same time, the advantages that Wallong's state-of-the-art technology presents over other alternatives is the reason why customers remain loyal to our brand. Our WPC boards promise customer durability, low maintenance, rot resistance, and safety products.

Please leave us a message if you need anything, thanks.

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