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Commercial Use of Wood Plastic Composite Products

Commercial Application

When you first hear the term ''composite decking,'' it's natural for a beautiful outdoor living space to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, did you know that composite decking has a wider variety of applications outside residential homes?

Nowadays, composite board is widely used in various types of commercial buildings, conquering architectural studios, hotels, seaside bars, restaurants, public and private areas with its unique charming.

Actually, when choosing a material for outdoor flooring, commercial businesses such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, and offices will look to find the most robust, cost-effective option with minimal maintenance. Wood decking is much more prone to absorbing moisture, which means businesses will need to spend more time and money on keeping up with deck maintenance. Composite decking on the other hand, offers a low maintenance space that gives businesses more time to focus on what they do best.

As a commercial location, there is often a need for some unique design styles. The color and surface diversity of composite materials can match all styles of design needs. You can choose the right composite deck flooring according to the overall design style of the restaurant or other commercial areas. Wallong WPC decking boards are explicitly designed to adapt magnificently in outdoor spaces. They are durable, require low maintenance, and possess rot resistance and safety. Our WPC products combine stylish form with practical function, making it the perfect solution for a range of commercial applications.

What kind of commercial area could Wallong WPC composite decking be installed in?

Since composite decking is more durable than traditional wood, it’s more equipped to handle the usage of these high-traffic areas.

  • Shopping mall

  • Docks or marine

  • Hotel decking

  • Outside refreshment bars

  • Verandas and clubhouse

  • Architectural studios

  • Seaside restaurant

  • The promenade

  • School

  • Parks

Benefits of Wallong Composite Products in Commercial Use:

  • Guaranteed:

    Conventional decking for commercial use is guaranteed for 5 years; co-extrusion decking is guaranteed for 10 years; superior wood co-extrusion and wall cladding is guaranteed for 15 years.

  • Customizable:

    Wallong' s products are available in 12 colors. In addition, Custom mold can be allowed for order requirements.

  • Sustainable:

    Using the recycled timber and recycled plastic film to manufacture products, which achieves recycle resources and sustainable development.

  • Scratch Resistance:

    By updating from conventional decking, Wallong's decking is covered by Polymer Shell Modified HDPE. If considering the nature of commercial buildings with high traffic, scratch resistance will be a great decorative advantage.

  • Higher Durability:

    Unlike traditional wood, composite material is more durable and doesn’t require as much maintenance. Wallong superior wood co-extrusion series adopting a 360 degree outer shell, physically bonds with the high-density core to create composite decking that resists warping, mold, mildew. That means the decking will hold up and still look great for years after installation.

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Explore All The WPC Products in Wallong Line

Including ACME wood, sandblasted decking, superior wood, superior resist wood, conventional decking, and deep embossed decking. Available in a range of colors and inspired by natural tones, our composite decking collections are ideal for commercial application and boasts outstanding anti-slip qualities in both wet and dry conditions.

Composite Deck Boards: Wallong-Compsoite deck boards are available for six types, considering easeful texture and safety, ACME wood and Sandblasted wood can meet high-demand commercial decoration perfectly.

Composite Deck Tiles: Wallong's interlocking deck tiles are raised to allow for water drainage when installed around a pool or hot tub.

Composite Panel Claddings: Wallong’s all-weather, UV-resistant, no fading wall panels are suitable for commercial buildings.

Deck Railings: A commercial deck railing won’t warp, distorted, fade or crack. Above all, it can avoid the back-twisting job of staining and sealing our railing every year, and you can reduce the cost of maintenance of railings

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