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What Benefits can WPC Composite Decking Bring to Your Outdoor Living?

What is WPC?

WPC (Wood plastic composite) invented in the late 1980s, is a new type of material compounded by plastic and wood fiber. WPC composite decking is an excellent decking solution for outdoor living. The largest output is the composite material with PE and PVC resin as the base material. All of Wallong products are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), so the strength, UV Aging performance, and life span of the HDPE decking are the best. Composite decking with HDPE integrated within it has a higher tensile strength compared to PVC decking, meaning that it will resist any splintering and decay that could happen to PVC decking. As we all know, PE-based plastic-wood composites have excellent aging resistance and are mainly used as outdoor decorative materials. PVC material is mainly used for interior due to its poor performance in strength and weather resistance.

Composite Deck Planks

How WPC is made?

What's the most remarkable thing about WPC is composite decking created by natural wood and plastic fibers. It is made from sawdust, pulp bamboo, peanut hulls, etc. WPC composite decking is a perfect substitute for natural wood and plywood. Furthermore, natural wood and plastic fibers work together to retain the authentic finish and feel of timber decking. For ourtdoor using, WPC product is is the perfect option with its performance on environmental, highly durable, no need painting, UV resistance, waterproof etc.

Benefits of using WPC composite decking

  • Durable

Since WPC decking contains HDPE, its material durability is better than its alternatives. This is because its blend and finish material make it resistant longer lifetime than normal wood decking. Protecting decking from resists fading, staining, scratching, and mold.

  • Waterproof

A main problem of wood decking is that it readily absorb water. Without the regular application of stains, sealers or paint, wood decking is easy to warping, splintering, cracking and rotting. In contrast, WPC composite decking are fully water-resistant to the core, which allows them to be installed in high moisture conditions without decaying.

Composite Decking

  • Anti-slip

Traditional wood decking is easy to getting mold and moss,and after long time using, the surface of wood decking is slippery. Under the wet situation, people are prone to fall or causes safety hazards when walking on the floor. On the contrary, WPC composite decking's special treatment makes the surface more rough to turn it into the ideal decking solution for both commercial and residetial application, such as parks, school, swimming pools and garden etc. You will have a safe paradise with Wallong wpc composite decking.

  • UV Resistance

Unlike real wood, UV resiatance is one of the most extrodinary peformance of wpc decking. With the good raw material, Wallong products has strong UV resistance performance. As a resonpsible manufacturer, we will put product into our UV aging machine to test for 2000 hours which means 6-7 years in the ourdoor environment, the deck has no obvious change. Except in house test, Wallong products has tested in Intertek and the grey scale is class 4-5.

How to clean WPC flooring?

Composite decking doesn't require any high-strength or time-consuming maintenance, occasional sweep or wash cleaning may be necessary to keep your deck looking great. Once again, composite means simplicity. To keep the composite deck clean, all you need to do is sweep off the debris and hose off the dirt. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals and metal-edged shovels on the composite deck, which can scratch and damage the deck boards.

Composite Decking Boards For Sale

But how to choose the best WPC decking among so many WPC suppliers in the market?

The fastest way is to find a trustworthy and experienced manufacturer to start your business, no matter for retailing/wholesaling/projects.

With mature techniques and stable product quality, you can remove the concerns about problems in future. Here we'd like to introduce you to a golden manufacturer, Wallong Technology Ltd. Wallong® Composite decking is a globally recognized and trusted brand that has been producing and selling a specialized WPC wood-plastic-composite range for more than 15 years. From conventional 1st generation composite decking to high-end co-extrusion decking, here you can find your satisfied one.

Walling's latest composite decking is a revolutionary product for outdoor use. Wallong ACME wood composite decking comprises 60% reclaimed timber, 30% recycled high-density polyethylene, and 10% special additives. The final product easily exceeds the advantages of natural timber, and standard composite decking, with more new advantages of anti-slip, anti-scratch and elasticity. Some of the most obvious advantages that you can expect from Wallong® WPC composite decking are:

1. UV resistance

2. Easy installation

3. Scratch resistance

4. Low maintenance

5. Abrasion resistance

6. Anti-slip

7. Soft and elasticity

8.3D nice wood grain

9. Anti-static

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