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How to Install WPC Composite Fencing

Correct installation steps can ensure that your WPC composite fencing is solid and beautiful. This article will introduce each step of WPC composite fencing installation in detail to help you easily master the installation skills and create the ideal fence landscape.

Important Tips Before Installation

Verify Installation Permit Requirements

Before installing the WPC composite fencing, remember to verify whether the height of the fence requires an installation permit from your local government. Usually, fencing under 6 feet in height does not require an application. But to be sure, it is recommended that you check with the relevant authorities in advance.

Confirmation of Excavation Permit

Sometimes you may accidentally damage the underground pipelines during the excavation process. So before starting the excavation work, please be sure to communicate with the local government to confirm whether there are utilities under the excavation area.  It would avoid unnecessary losses and troubles.

Comply with Relevant Laws and Regulations

Before installing the WPC composite fencing, please make sure that your fencing design complies with the local zoning laws and the relevant regulations of the neighborhood association, including the size and type of the fence, etc., This would be helpful to avoid legal disputes or neighborhood conflicts brought about by violations.

Make a Detailed Installation Plan

Before purchasing materials and starting to dig, it is recommended that you make a detailed installation plan. You can draw out the layout of the WPC composite fencing on paper and precisely mark the location of each post hole in your yard. A plan will not only help you better control your costs, but also avoid purchasing excessive materials and achieve efficient use of resources.

Installation Steps

1. Digging Holes

To ensure the stability of the fence, special attention should be paid when digging holes. Each hole should be a half-inch more than the diameter of the aluminum post and one-third or more of the height of the fence in depth. This way, the aluminum posts will be firmly rooted in the ground.

2. Secure the Posts

Place the post brackets or metal bases securely into the dug holes and fasten them firmly with screws. Next, secure the aluminum column to the square steel surface. After that, don't forget to inject concrete into the holes so that the post will be more stable. Follow this process and fix each post one by one.

3. Install the Fence Panels

Before installing the fence panels, remember to place the base plate cover. Next, install the fence panels one by one in order. As the WPC composite fencing may expand or contract slightly due to temperature changes, it is recommended to leave a gap of approximately 4mm between the fence panels and the posts to allow for such changes.

With the detailed installation steps and key pre-installation preparations mentioned above, I believe you already have a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to install a fence. As long as you strictly follow these steps and tips, you will be able to safely and efficiently complete the installation of your fence, adding a protective barrier to your home or premises that is both beautiful and practical.

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