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Is it Harmful to Expose WPC Composite Decking to Sun?

When talking about the backyard in your childhood, there will be an automatic association with sun, grass, mud, and squeaky wooden decking. But it is slightly different now: to approach the popular minimalist style and leave clean and tidy room for family activities, more and more people choose to cover the natural land with WPC composite decking. When enjoying the sunlight from your clean and tidy courtyard, will you start to worry about the WPC composite decking being burnt as your skin?

Some people take notice of the heating decking and consider if it will harm the life span or color maintenance. So before getting anxious about your gorgeous floor, let's find out how the scorching sun affects the WPC composite decking.

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What does the exposure bring to WPC composite decking?

People who have suffered from the transforming and cracking wooden decking regard exposure under the red luminary with dread. Their fears come in three ways:

  • High temperature

As the intuitive effect of the heating sun, the rising temperature can be noticed first. According to the experiences of wooden boards, high temperatures may soften the wooden board and decrease its strength, causing severe transformation. Will WPC decking be the same?

  • Dryness

Evaporation is also a threat. The shining sun accelerates the decrease of water inside the wooden board, leading to its low water content. The dry wooden boards are easily cracked and flawed, bringing potential falling risk to people who walk on them. When putting a comparison between the two types of decking, it is reasonable to doubt if WPC composite decking will crack too due to the dryness.

  • Ultraviolet (UV)

UV as a high-energy light is an intangible factor that breaks the molecular bond of organics, including paint, rubber, plastic, fabrics, etc., leading to fading colors. Thinking of the pleasing-eye patterns and colors, it is unacceptable if the WPC decking gets dim with the influence of UV.

Why can WPC composite decking be exposed to the sun?

It is time to answer the questions to relieve the doubters' minds: The tough WPC composite decking won't be harmed by the three potential factors above. With the integrating merits of both wood and plastic, this kind of WPC timber is proven to be a perfect choice for backyard flooring, and the proofs are listed below.

  • No color fading

The always-bright color of the decking is the secret key to owning a just-painted home. Instead of painting the wooden boards regularly to make it less likely to be a house in disrepair, applying WPC composite decking that endures UV is more worry-free. As for color maintenance, additives are added to WPC composite decking processing, including colorant, hindered amine light stabilizers, and UV absorbers, rendering its UV resistance and colored appearance.

  • No cracking

To solve the problem of low strength and easy flawing, people take advantage of the porosity of plant fiber and add high-adsorptive CaCo3 to the production of WPC decking. The two materials are mixed to gain the refined fiber powder that increases the high-temperature durability and also strength of the WPC decking. With the improved decking, there will be less fear of cracking.

  • High-temperature durability

Data speaks stronger than words——Let an experiment tells you how stable the WPC decking is under a high temperature: a WPC decking put under an 82-degree environment for 6 hours shows few changes after transferring it into a 23-degree environment with 50% humidity. The records display less than 0.08% length shrinkage and less than 0.05% width shrinkage. What’s more, the warpage of the WPC composite decking is less than 0.25 mm. The durable WPC decking with powerful transformation resistance under a high temperature allows its long lifetime under the scorching sun.

Get WPC composite decking from Wallong with the best quality

Durability toward long-time exposure under the sun is merely one of what Wallong WPC decking offers, and Superior Wood composite decking is a typical decking solution that holds the following merits:

  • Anti-slip

  • Sound absorption

  • Super hard-wearing and scratch resistance

  • Excellent performance on UV resistance

  • Soft texture and strong tensile strength

  • Multiple colors and two-side design for different use

  • Low maintenance

  • Long lifespan

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Due to the benefits above, Wallong ACME co extrusion decking has become an optimal solution for furnishing and decoration, catering to multiple outdoor decking needs.


WPC composite decking, a great solution for outdoor applications, can resist the influence of sunlight, which wooden boards can never compete with. Wallong, with expertise in composite decking, is rewriting this sort of wood plastic composite products into a nearly perfect choice for durable flooring. With the efforts to provide the unprecedented comfortable experience of eco-friendly composite decking, we keep breaking through the limitations and boundaries and provide professional outdoor decking solutions for premium residential and commercial applications.

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