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Composite Decking VS Wood

As an environmentally friendly alternative to wood, wood plastic composite (WPC) blends 60% natural wood fibres, 30% recycled plastics HDPE and 10% additive for creating an outdoor building composite material with exceptional durability and weather resistance.

Wood plastic composite products offer the beauty of wood but without the drawbacks of potential corroding or splintering. When you choose the composite, it means that you can have a great-performing product without the need for staining, oiling or painting etc., and WPC will continue to last without rotting, cracking or splintering. Wood plastic composite can be applied to decking, wall cladding, fencing, tiles, post and more, which becomes the best choice for outdoor living.

As the world becomes more conscious of issues related to environmental protection and sustainable exploitation of resources, both producers and consumers are adopting new approaches to ensure that resources are managed responsibly. Wallong WPC technology is also dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable exploitation of resources, Wallong is an enterprise that you can truly trust.

Advantages Of Composite Decking

Here's the 5 key advantages of composite vs wood:

Wood Plastic Composite

Long-term Value And Cost Effective Than Timber

When it comes to timber, there is no doubt that traditional wood material offers lower-cost solutions in the short term for saving your budget. However, once you factor in the costs for maintenance, re-coloring, re-staining, and repairing on a wood material in the long-run, for example decking, you will find composite decking help you save much more money and outweigh the cheaper timber.

Initially, the cost of composite decking could be higher than a wood deck. But a good quality composite decking can pay for itself while you enjoy its sustained rich color and minimal maintenance, from winter through to summer, year-after-year.

Wood Plastic Composite Panels

Easy-care Enjoy More Time At Outdoor Space

To extend the life of wood, you need to spend time painting regularly, or sealing the wood to defend it against moisture. Hours of exasperating care and maintenance to keep a timber deck from threat of warping, rotting, cracking, splintering, and weathering.

So, why not lean into composite decking? Composites, only require simply sweeping or washing to keep the boards looking good. Wallong high-quality composite products/decking are easy to be maintained, saving you time, effort, and overall costs. The strong shield of our co-extrusion composite decking and wall cladding guarantees a tougher, more robust material that requires little-to-no maintenance. Save your time and money enjoying your outdoor space.

Wood Plastic Composite Products

Natural Appearance of Real Wood With Enduring Beauty

Though made from a mix of wood and plastic material, composite decking can deliver a more gorgeous look than natural wood.  Wallong composite boards are available in many natural colors, distinctive wood grain textures or patterns, and a variety of dimensions. Without the hassle of fading, staining, and weathering which is associated with traditional timber, you can even have the exotic looking woods like IPE. Composite products and decking are UV resistant, and continue to last without rotting, cracking or splintering as natural wood over time. It is durable and beautiful and keeps looking new. WPC products can stand 15-20 years and fight the inevitable effects of weathering, now it's the most popular outdoor companion.

Panel WPC

Advanced Design And Easy To Install

The composite products are designed in many smart profiles. Thus, you will not have any anxiety about complex installation compared with timber. For example, composite decking has two sides grooves, each size of the same profile board can be perfectly connected with a hidden fastener, which makes installation easy and resulting in nearly seamless gap between decks. Composite wall cladding is designed in a smarter profile, which even no need fasteners to connect, but just overlaps panels to finish the installation. Composite deck tiles are designed with smart bases, without any tools you can do it by yourself and lock the bases by hand easily. There are smarter designs far more than that, Wallong WPC provides advanced composite products design and is easy to be installed.

WPC Wood Panel

Offering Long-term Safety And Assurance

The often crippling effects of rot and moisture build-up can leave timber decks weakened, unstable and full of splinters, while excessive moss and algae growth can turn your decking into a death trap. Unlike traditional timber, Wallong Superior Wood-composite decking is covered by HDPE coating layer, and the core which made with Wallong's exclusive formula and innovative technology. The material composition and design of our boards guarantee that they outperform wooden decking alternatives and offer long-term reassurance.

Wallong composite decking provides you with peace of mind on both it's superior slip-resistance and long-term structural integrity.

BenefitsWoodWallong- WPC Decking
Looks natural, like real woodYY
Flame resistant
Does not support mold growth
Will not bend easily
Does not splinter
Non slip textured surfaceYY
Requires no annual maintenance
Resists stains & fading
Easily cleaned with a hose
Does not absorb water
Not subject to termite damage

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