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Environmental Mission

Environmental protection is always the supreme mission in Wallong

Most people know the obvious advantages of replacing their old wooden decks with new composite decking. Designed with lasting beauty, incredible durability and easy maintenance, there's no compromising with high-performance composite decking. WPC Decking is a kind of environmental protection of outdoor building materials, it adheres to the affinity of a real wood floor but also has excellent moisture-proof, waterproof, mothproof, high strength and other functions, which is a new choice that can replace the traditional wood floor.

But what we may know is that composite decking popularity is helping the environment. As wood-alternative decking products which invented, defined and perfected the composite deck category – manufactures eco-friendly composite decks from an innovative blend of 60% recycled wood and 30% polyethylene.

WPC products have been widely used in outdoor decoration and renovation, as it has many benefits over traditional wood timber, such as no painting, staining, sealing, cracking or sanding. This makes it a great low-maintenance garden decking solution that does not fade or splinter, it is also more slip resistant than natural timber and comes with 10-20 year residential warranty.

WPC Wood Plastic Composite Decking

The reason of wpc product is environmental friendly is because its ingrediant--the recycled wood is combined with recycled plastic film gathered from a variety of sources ranging from the overwrap on paper towels to dry cleaner bags, sandwich bags, newspaper sleeves, pallet wrap, and grocery and so on. Furthermore, over-deforestation has now become a global environmental problem. In order to reduce the logging of timber, we advocate of using wood plastic composite products to reduce timber cutting so as to protect the earth and contribute to our society, which is also the meaning of our technological development.

How we're reducing global pollution

WPC decking will use discarded plastic items like those that are often thrown into our oceans as plastic waste as its recycled plastic component of it composite structure. This in itself makes composite WPC decking a great eco friendly choice. Add to this that the wood component of the composite used for WPC garden decking boards also comes from recycled timber then when you choose WPC decking for your garden or outdoor decking project, you are in your own way doing your bit to help save our planet.

Wallong is widely recognized as the leading eco-friendly choice for decks and cladding, has always been at the forefront of the green building industry. Wallong always hold the belief of built and operated with the goal of creating environmentally- and socially-responsible spaces that improve the quality of life for everyone on earth.

If you are interested in our wood plastic products, welcome to contact our team. Free samples and color swatch can be provided.

WPC Wood Decking

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