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Solid VS. Hollow WPC Composite Decking: Which is Better?

A wooden floor has a classy and appealing appearance. Timber has been used for decking for hundreds of years. However, in this world, when climate change has become an as serious environmental concern. We just cannot afford to cut any more trees down. WPC composite decking was developed as a solution. It's a great alternative to natural wood flooring. Solid and Hollow WPC composite decking are the two main varieties of WPC wood plastic composite. We'll go through both types in this post and tell you which is better.

Advantages and applications of solid composite decking

Over the last decade, composite decking technology has progressed dramatically. WPC composite decking has become a popular alternative due to its durability and aesthetic appearance. Solid WPC composite decking is one of the types of wood plastic composite decking. It is made up of a blend of recycled plastic and recycled wood, as the name implies, and has a solid structure. The following are some of the benefits of WPC solid composite decking:


  • High durability and long-lasting

WPC composite decking in solid profile is extremely robust, making it a great choice for heavy-duty applications. The loading capacity could reach 6000N which is a perfect choice for commercial use.

  • Better impact property

The content of Wallong wpc composite decking is 60% polyethylene, 30% wood fiber and 10% additives. Thanks to PE, the solid composite decking's impact property is strong enough to withstand any impacts without denting or cracking.

  • Wood-like

The composition of WPC Composite decking makes the composite decking inherent advantages of both wood and plastic. Wallong provides all the natural beautiful decking boards with an authentic woodgrain design and natural wood colour to enhance your outdoor living.

  • Solid composite decking is the number one replica of natural wood.

Solid composite decking has many applications, such as outdoor settings, docks, marine, shopping malls, and places that need high loading capacity.

Advantages and applications of hollow composite decking

Hollow composite decking is another popular type of wood plastic composite decking. Hollow composite decking boards mainly differ from solid ones in that they have ribbed centers with an internal structure that broadly resembles a honeycomb. Due to this honeycomb-like structure, they are light in weight. This type of composite decking is designed to offer multiple benefits to the users:

  • Lightweight

Due to the hollow structure use less material, the weight of hollow composite decking is comparatively lower than solid composite decking.

  • Cost-effective

Cost can many times be a constraint. Keeping in mind this concern, the hollow type of composite decking has been developed.

  • Strong and durable

Compared to solid composite decking, hollow Decking Boards are designed and engineered for their strength and durability. Even though the loading capacity is lower than solid profile, through expertise in technology and quality raw material, Wallong hollow composite decking is strong enough to take heavy loads without any cracking.

Applications of hollow composite decking include; garden decking, swimming pool, outdoor decking etc.

Solid vs. Hollow composite decking: Which is better?

Deciding which is better is quite subjective, as there are tradeoffs between various aspects. Solid composite decking, for example, is more durable but at the same time expensive than hollow composite decking. The hollow composite decking is light in weight and easy to install. Solid composite decking has a more realistic appearance than hollow composite decking. If you have a higher budget and have high requirements about the loading capacity, solid composite decking is the way to go. If it's residential using, hollow decking could meet all your requirements.

Wpc Deck Flooring

Wallong provides both solid and hollow WPC composite decking

It makes no difference whether you need a solid or hollow composite. We have both types of WPC composite decking in our inventory. Our best-selling items are the two listed below. Check them out.

1. Superior wood decking WL-SDK14022

Superior wood decking WL-SDK14022 is a solid composite decking. It forms a protective coating that protects the wood from fading, scratching, and splintering over time. The item is available in six different colors. It also offers high stain resistance and a beautiful natural wood texture.

2. Superior wood decking WL-SDK13923

The superior wood decking WL-SDK13923 is a hollow type of composite decking. It is designed to offer multiple advantages, such as cracking-free, durable, weather-resistance, long life span, stain resistance, and so on.


Wallong has more than 13 years of WPC production and distribution expertise. We have offered cutting-edge and high-quality products both domestic and abroad. Wallong WPC manufacturer is a fast-growing and prominent WPC manufacturer in China, recognized for its innovation and high quality. Contact us immediately if you want to take advantage of our high-quality items at a reasonable price.

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