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Residential Use of Wood Plastic Composite Products

Residential Application

As composite products are water-proof, moisture-proof, insect-resistant, corrosion-resistant, spill-free, paint-free, and long-life, an increasing number of residential construction projects are beginning to use Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) products in building terraces, balconies, private gardens, private swimming pools, outdoor steps, garden room and BBQ area.

The residential application of Wallong WPC products has better performance on stain resistance, low maintenance and is easy to clean. Creating a seating area in your house is easier than ever with Wallong WPC products. With Wallong composite decking, you can enjoy hosting parties and getting together with your family.

The easy-to-clean composite products allow you to better clear food residue, grease, and wine stains. In addition, it is waterproof, mildew-resistant, colorfast, and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your outdoor life better. All these characteristics make Wallong WPC products the most suitable decorating and building materials for residential applications.

What kind of residential area could Wallong WPC composite decking and cladding  be installed in:

Decorating your private space with Wallong WPC composite decking, your family won’t be hurt by the annoying wood spines, thus you’ll have more fun with family activities. Let’s check some of the applications:

  • Garden

  • Private swimming pool

  • Private fence

  • Outdoor wall cladding

  • Patio or terrace

  • Backyard

  • Outdoor stairs

  • BBQ area

Benefits of Wallong WPC Products in Residential Use:

  • Simple Maintenance:

    If there are signs of use showing in outdoor decking or cladding, you only need to clean it with regular detergent. If there are stains left on the decking or cladding, you only need to clean it with regular detergent and a brush.

  • Safety:

    This is essential for elderly parents, young children or pets. Wallong composite decking is anti-slip, fragment-free and features resistance to cracking. Even when the weather is bad or rainy, your family still can move freely without fear of falling or hurting themselves.

  • Excellent Durability:

    Using Wallong composite products is your ideal solution for outdoor buildings. Compared with traditional timber, our products have longer service life because the products are not easy to fade, mildew, cracking, color fading and with excellent wear resistance. You can spend a lot of time enjoying the atmosphere like a resort at home instead of worrying about maintaining Wallong products.

  • Cost Effective:

    It's cheaper in the long run: Once installed, Wallong composite decking is very low maintenance. It requires little in the way of re-staining or protection from the weather or pests. This makes it a cheaper (and more hassle-free) solution in the long run.

  • Warranty:

    The warranty of Wallong products can be fully trusted. The collection of co-extrusion decking is guaranteed 20 years for residential, 10 years for commercial. Our conventional decking is 10 years for residential, and 5 years for commercial. For Superior wood co-extrusion and wall cladding, it is 15 years.

  • Natural Appearance:

    Being 60% recycled timber, it is no surprise that Wallong composite products offer a great timber-like finish. It has the advantage of not splintering like timber, nor attaching termites.

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Explore all the WPC Products in Wallong line

Composite Deck Board: As balcony's building materials, Wallong composite deck board has its excellent anti-ultraviolet and strong anti-fading, especially featuring in anti-slip, anti-fading, low maintenance cost. A balcony is exposed to the elements in all weathers, and simply because of their design, they are naturally harder to maintain. Compared to timber, Wallong WPC decking will last longer and be easier to maintain.

Composite Deck Tile: Wallong easy-to-lay interlocking composite deck tiles require no specialist tools or skills. Even over existing surfaces, you can instantly achieve an updated look in your outdoor space. Wallong composite deck tiles com in various colors, making it easier to create a custom look that works with your overall design scheme. From a traditional looking deck tile like red wood and teak to more vibrant colors like white, Wallong composite deck tile can bring almost any vision to your life.

Composite Panel Cladding:As high-quality decorating materials for building living house or garden room, Wallong composite panel cladding has versatility, beauty and durability, which can help you to realize garden creativity. Using Wallong composite panel cladding is the best choice to decorating your garden room. Perhaps working from home is your new normal, decorating a garden room with Wallong composite panel cladding surround to make a truly inspirational workplace to keep those creative juice flowing.

Composite Deck Railing:As the most suitable building materials for decorating stairs, Wallong composite deck railing is load-bearing, anti-slip, anti-ultraviolet and durable. There are different sizes to fit outdoor stairs perfectly. Wallong composite deck railings are designed to seamlessly blend with all decks, offering an extra level of safety, strength and accessibility for any deck designs.

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