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New Co-extrusion Decking Developed, Superior Resist, Preliminary Launch Gets Favor

After months of development, Wallong WPC has launched its new co-extrusion decking, name Superior RISIST wood. The Superior RESIST wood is another improvement of Superior wood co-extrusion wood, its main characteristics is Super RESIST against daily countless of scratches and slippery. The preliminary launch of it gets a lot favors from customers.

We are excited to be the first enterprise to make this innovative decking and introduce to you all.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Super anti-scratches

  • Super anti- slippery

  • High hardness and strong

  • Natural wood grain with a rugged beauty

  • Premium quality

  • UV resistant and no cracking

  • Long life cycle measured in decades

The Superior RESIST wood co-extrusion decking is incrediblely amazing, make you a stunning experience ever. It is a very recomended choice for commercial area and any public places.

Wallong WPC team is 100% focused with a commitment to continue providing you a perfect WPC decking with strength, durability, scratches and slippery resistance.

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