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How to Prevent Warping of Composite Decking

Will the Composite Decking Warp?

Composite decking is a high-density board made of wood and plastic materials. Compared with a wooden board, the advantages of WPC decking are wear-resistant and its low maintenance cost. Moreover, WPC decking has strong resistance to distortion and deformation. Well known for its high durability, Will WPC composite decking warp like wooden boards? WPC composite decking will bow, but it can only occur if the installation is incorrect or problems occur in the production process. So what are the reasons for the warping of the composite deck?

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Causes of Composite Decking Warping

Installation Reasons

1. In relatively hot weather, the composite decking will expand easily. So when the gap between the boards reserved for installation is too small, the composite decking will be deformed.

2. If the WPC composite decking installation is too close to the wall, making it insufficient room for expansion, it might warp.

3. If the decking joist is not fixed to the ground during installation, the joist on which the decking is fixed will move. In this case, the floor will also be deformed.

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Production Reasons

1. The warping of composite decking occurs when there are issues in the gluing between the panel and the core; Some small factories manufacture wood-plastic decking in poor quality due to lacking production equipment, technology, and materials. As a leading manufacturer in the composite decking industry, Wallong has been well-recognized by customers regarding production technology and product quality. Founded in 2008, Wallong has over 13 years of WPC production and industry experience, with 50 production lines, 200 workers and 40000 square meters occupied area. We set up clear apartments for material, production, quality inspection, packing, and logistic management to ensure every order is well-finished and safely delivered.

2. WPC composite decking will be deformed when the production extrusion parameters are not set properly or the production process cannot be performed continuously, such as in the condition of a power cut.

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How to Prevent Warping of Composite Decking?

1. Find a qualified WPC manufacturer. It is difficult for clients to track and access the manufacturer's actual production process and situation, making it particularly important to choose a trusted brand. As a professional WPC manufacturer, Wallong's products are exported to various countries and have gained a reputation worldwide. Contact WPC decking experts from Wallong now.

2. Install the wood-plastic decking properly. When installing composite decking, please ensure that the gap between the boards is appropriate to allow expansion freely. Do not fix the WPC decking to the joist with nails or screws directly; we suggest using a plastic buckle clip to fasten the boards and leave the gap around 6mm in space. Moreover, the distance from the decking to the wall should be about 15mm reserved to leave room for thermal expansion and contraction.

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WPC Composite Decking We Can Provide

Wallong provides six ranges of finishes and designs to choose from, all of which come in the six most popular colors. No matter the soft texture newest ACME Wood series, exclusive formula Sandblasted Decking, Superior co-extrusion decking, or our Conventional decking, you will find the right deck from our decking range.

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