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Hollow VS Solid WPC Composite Decking

What is WPC Composite Decking?

Whether you are a project contractor or retailer, finding the right WPC composite decking for long-lasting and sturdy outdoor solutions can surely boost the building effect or your business. Before choosing the right wood plastic composite decking, do you know what WPC composite decking is? WPC is made of recycled plastic and wood fibers, using a new type of environmental protection material to replace wood with pollution-free. WPC composite decking has the perfect ability to fit almost any outdoor space, helping you find the right solution for your specific requirements. Thanks to Wallong's professional R & D team, we can provide everything you want to know about wood plastic composite decking and assist you with choosing the right products for your project. Below we provide a comprehensive overview of different types of WPC composite decking and their main features.

Solid VS. Hollow Composite Decking

When you choose WPC composite decking, you will have a choice of either hollow or solid boards. It may not be easy to choose the right one for your projects, so here is a comparison of both for your reference.


Advantages of hollow composite decking


The first advantage you should know about hollow boards is their lightweight, which makes it much easier to install or replace.

Response better to extreme weather conditions

Hollow composite decking is less affected by extreme variations in temperature or moisture levels. In contrast, solid composite boards are more likely to expand or contract in extreme heat and rain fluctuations.


The material of hollow profile is less than solid, so lightweight, hollow composites are cheaper than solid boards. If you are on a tight budget, hollow composite decking could help you to achieve the ideal outdoor space as well.

Easier to run wires

Many people like having light decoration outdoors and hollow boards can make it achievable due to their hollow structure.

Advantages of Solid Composite Decking

Strong and durable

Solid composite boards can bear heavier items, making them more durable and have a longer service life. This makes solid boards more suitable if you plan to put heavy objects on them.

It's quiet

Compared with hollow boards, solid composite decking sounds quieter when people are walking or running on it.

Look like real wood

If you are looking for a deck with a more realistic appearance, a solid board will be your best choice.

In Conclusion

Hollow WPC composite decking is lighter and easier to install. If you plan to enjoy music or have lighting decoration outdoors, hollow composite decking will work better. Solid WPC composite decking can be stronger and durable, making it ideal for use in high footfall areas. Below are the profiles Wallong could provide:

Wpc Decking Cost

Still don't know how to choose the right decking? Contact our experts and we will offer the best solution for you.

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