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An Essential Guide To WPC Exterior Wall Cladding

At present, WPC is outshining than any other alternate wood decking material on the market so that almost every supplier wants to use it as wall siding. Actually, they have a far better choice: WPC exterior wall cladding. Considering that wall siding is for covering the house instead of flooring, WPC cladding has some unique designs that WPC decking does not involve. But first of all, let’s figure out how does the WPC exterior wall cladding work so well. Read further to find out!

WPC Cladding

WPC Exterior Wall Cladding: The Superior Cladding Option

Featuring a blend of recycled plastic and wood, WPC can fool the common eye by appearing as real wood – without the drawbacks. This genius alternative is commonly used in the construction business as composite exterior cladding, fences, deck floors, etc. The combination of wood and recycled plastics makes wood plastic composite cladding an eco-friendly substitute with benefits such as durability, consistent looks, and low-maintenance cost. In short, you can use WPC exterior wall cladding and enjoy its many benefits.

Benefits of WPC Exterior Wall Cladding

As mentioned before, the demand for composite exterior wall panels is soaring in the market, and it is not without reason. Let’s dive deeper to see what WPC exterior wall cladding has in store.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Available in a wide range of styles, hues, and designs, installing WPC exterior wall cladding is not only the ideal way to fully revolutionize the outlook of your humble abode, but it also boosts your house’s market value immensely.

  • High Protection

WPC exterior wall cladding is a great tool to significantly increase the mechanical strength of a building and add a layer of protection to it. These buildings are immune to various problems, such as cracks because of climate change, temperature, water absorption, and pollution. Moreover, you won't have to worry about bugs or termites ruining your sweet home as the layer acts as a protectant against them.

  • Durability

One of the main reasons contractors, architects, and homeowners opt to install WPC exterior cladding is its durability. This comes from the use of certified recycled plastic and wood in the manufacturing of the material, which has a long lifespan.

  • High Airtightness

This kind of WPC composite products provides an additional layer of insulation which reduces exterior noise and keeps the temperature of the building's interior at equilibrium all year round, minimizing the costs of electricity. WPC wall cladding also prevents moisture from seeping inside.

  • Low Maintenance

Another added advantage of installing composite exterior wall panels is that it does not require much effort for maintenance. Unlike cladding made of real wood, there is no need to seal, stain, paint, or oil these elegant panels to make them look classy.

WPC Cladding Panels

Tips to Install WPC Exterior Wall Cladding

Now that you know some of the many benefits of installing WPC exterior wall cladding at your residence, you must be wondering how you can install them – we have you covered.


Before getting on with any task, it is vital that you prepare beforehand for what is to come. Here are some things you should look out for:

  • Read the manufacturing guide thoroughly.

  • Make sure that the surface of your walls is free of moisture or any dampness.

  • Collect all the basic tools – such as plumb line, electric drill, screws, saws, rubber mallet, etc.

  • Ask a professional or any friend or family member for help.


  • After reviewing everything you need, you can get started with the installation.

  • Start by screwing the clips in their place while using a plumbline to ensure that they are aligned.

  • Attach the first WPC board and fit it into the starter clips. To ensure that it is set in place, gently tap it with a rubber mallet.

  • Next, use an electric drill to make a hole through the cladding, and then use the screws to properly secure the board in its position.

  • Repeat these steps for all other boards.

  • Detail Optimization

When installing, there are some other things that you must ensure to optimize your installation:

  • It is essential to leave space of about 3mm between each cladding board to prevent the cladding from being damaged.

  • Do not hang the cladding board more than 20mm above a batten, as this can result in breakage of the board.

Invest in Superior Co-Extrusion Cladding

Looking to buy WPC exterior wall cladding? Wallong, one of the largest manufacturers of WPC timber in China with over 8 years of experience in this domain, has you covered with their wide range of stylish, budget-friendly options for super co-extrusion cladding to outclass everyone else.

If you want high-quality WPC exterior wall cladding that lasts for years to come, it is essential for you to opt for superior co-extrusion cladding that will not only provide an attractive finish but ensure a long-lasting, environmentally friendly way of keeping rot at bay, maintaining just the right temperature and much more. Wallong composite exterior wall panel is water-resistance, UV stable, and low maintenance.


Established in 2008, Wallong has over 13 years of hands-on WPC production and industry experience, providing high-quality, innovative composite products worldwide. Being a leading wood plastic composite supplier, we are well-known for our R&D efforts, modern technology use, and strict quality control, ensuring that every product is well finished and safely delivered.

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