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Why WPC Composite Decking is Ideal for Swimming Pool

Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Decking in Swimming Pool

Plastic wood composite decking ensures a practical mix of value and utility. It's a great way to increase the value and appearance of your outdoor pool. The decoration of swimming pools in western countries is almost inseparable from WPC composite decking, mainly due to its superior waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof characteristics. The normal materials are either comfortable but not durable, which may be swollen and cracked by absorbing water; either it is durable but not comfortable enough to step on.

Fortunately, The wood plastic composite decking has a good combination of these materials’ advantages and has good performance in practicality and decoration. Walling's composite decking has a low water absorption rate and strong slip resistance, avoiding the formation and growth of slippery mildew and mold. What's more, Wallong's decking is made with reclaimed hardwood and polyethylene resin, with hidden fixings for a barefoot-friendly swimming pool deck that eliminates the danger of harm from nails and screws above the surface.

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Is the Composite Decking Slippery

When building a swimming pool, the first consideration is the safety of the entire design. Swimmers may slip and fall when there is water on the slippery floor, which may cause serious safety hazards. So is the WPC composite decking slippery when wet?

Wood plastic composite decking is made of a particular substance that is resistant to slips and falls. It will not, in most situations, result in any injuries. Even if it’s wet, there's little chance to be slippery. However, it is not always the case. When fallen leaves and debris gathered on the decking over time without proper removal, the molds will grow and make the decking slippery. Therefore, to prevent your decking from being slippery, it's important to clean the decking regularly, but most importantly, to appropriately choose the anti-slippery composite decking.

Compared with other decking materials, we design and manufacture composite decking with more attention to non-slip performance. Wallong's superior resist wood, ACME wood, and sandblasted decking mixed with plastic and wood provide much-needed grip, making the surface of the floor anti-slippery even when you walk on the deck bare feet. They are the perfect decking for swimming pools that meets your safety, aesthetics, and durability requirements. Click to find out what composite decking we can provide.

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Why Choose Wallong Decking

Wallong Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2008 and has over 13 years of WPC industry knowledge and manufacturing experience. It offers high-quality composite products (decking, wall cladding, and DIY tiles) and services both domestically and internationally. Wallong WPC is a fast-growing and prominent WPC manufacturer in China, well-known for its innovations and high industrial standards.

Below is composite decking for swimming pool Wallong can provide. For more information about composite decking, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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