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Top Applications of WPC Composite Decking in Outdoor Restaurants

During the 2021-2027 period, the WPC composite decking market is expected to grow steadily around the globe. In Europe alone, the WPC market size was estimated at 455.22-kilo tons in 2020. The market is projected to increase by 8% annually. The WPC composite decking is incredibly useful for outdoor restaurants, and this post lists some of its most significant applications.

WPC composite decking has been widely used for outdoor restaurants

The use of WPC composite decking has become widespread in outdoor restaurants, and its popularity keeps growing. You might have seen WPC composite decking in numerous restaurants and admired how nice it looks.

The benefits of WPC composite decking are not just of practical nature; they also include a sleek and sophisticated appearance. As an alternative to wood decking, WPC composite decking is easily accessible for restaurants, bars, cafes, regardless of their size.

Whether you want to update the look of your outdoor restaurant or you're just opening your new business, WPC composite decking is an easy and cost-effective solution.

Wood Plastic Flooring

Why choose WPC composite decking for outdoor restaurants?

Wood plastic composite decking is more and more popular among restaurant operators because of its anti-stain, anti-mold, and cost-effective performance. Why is WPC composite decking suitable for outdoor restaurants?

  • Hard enough to provide the strength required for outdoor dining

First of all, outdoor dining is associated with a lot of foot traffic and heavy loads. For that reason, you need something sturdy enough to endure heavy loads on a daily basis. That's where WPC composite decking steps in. This kind of decking is hard and strong, which is required for outdoor dining. Not only can it effortlessly endure all that foot traffic and "heavy loads," but also remain in perfect condition for a long time. When you combine durability and strength, it's easy to understand why WPC composite decking is so popular.

  • Resist bad weather conditions

When it comes to outdoor restaurants, choosing the right decking can be tricky. You need something that can resist and withstand different weather conditions, but many options can't achieve that except for WPC composite decking. You can use it all year round, and it will remain perfect. The WPC composite decking is anti-slip, no fading, and anti-mold.

  • Low project cost & short construction period

Let's be honest. You want the decking in your outdoor restaurant to come at a reasonable price. Plus, the last thing you want is decking with a long construction period because it costs time and money. You'll be glad to know WPC composite decking comes with low project costs and a short construction period. That means composite decking is both cost- and time-effective. WPC composite decking is simple to install, and it requires no additional maintenance due to its excellent stain and abrasion resistance. It effectively helps you reduce additional installation and cleaning costs and maintenance time.

  • Stain resistance

Outdoor restaurants, like any other, are subjected to spills, slips, and other unfortunate scenarios that involve spilling wine, barbecue, sauces, and other foods and beverages. Choosing the wrong decking means you'll notice stains that are difficult or almost impossible to remove. The WPC composite decking eliminates this problem entirely. This decking is resistant to stains such as wine, barbecue, and others.

  • Environment friendly

All of us need to do our best to protect the environment. WPC composite decking can help support this effort. Wood plastic material is made of recycled wood fibers and PE, which helps save wood and reduce plastic waste. It helps to protect the environment while allowing you to take your outdoor restaurant to a whole new level.

Excellent Wallong WPC composite decking for outdoor restaurants

Wallong was founded back in 2008, and it didn't take long for Wallong to become the leading supplier of WPC composite decking. Our Superior Wood Decking WL-SDK13923 is an excellent choice for you. Why?

The Superior Wood Decking creates a protective layer to provide protection against scratching and fading. This durable WPC composite decking is available in six colors and with a dimension of 139x23x2200/2800/3600mm. That being said, color and length can be customized to accommodate the unique needs of your outdoor restaurant.

Wpc Board Flooring

The advantages of this WPC composite decking are numerous, ranging from natural wood texture to durability, stain resistance, and no cracking.


The WPC wood plastic composite is a popular choice for many outdoor restaurants, bars, and cafes. The benefits of this kind of decking are numerous. Get the most from WPC composite decking by choosing the right supplier.

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