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The History of Wallong Composite Decking

The early 1990s saw the birth of composite decking boards. The scarcity of first-generation trees due to deforestation and the poorer quality of less mature wood for decking materials led to the composite decking that combined wood fibre and plastics born. Due to the composition of composite decking, some of these disadvantages still constitute challenges in the use of composite decking products. But after 30 years of development, through continuous innovation and development, the deck look more real with wood grains, improving the limiting fading and improving the mould and mildew issue. As the leading manufacturer in China, Wallong composite has been specialising in composite decking for over 15 years. You will know Wallong composite decking history through this article.

Who is Wallong

If you've ever decided to build a deck from something other than wood, you must have heard of composite decking. Wallong composite is the leading innovative manufacturer of high-performance wood-alternative decking and cladding. After years of development, Wallong export 18000 tonnes/year to Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia.

Over years, Wallong invented the Sandblasted and Acme exclusive Decking, and then they continued to engineer, refine, and perfect the exclusive new products. With its innovation ability and high-quality products, Wallong has been recognized by composite decking distributors from all over the world. In the following days, Wallong will continue its work, always looking for ways to enhance its product offerings and more comprehensively meld innovation, aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

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Wallong Product Collections

Conventional Wood

Conventional wood, also called the 1st generation WPC is already widely known in the market. It has became the most economic composite decking now, however, the low price should not be its only attractive point, Wallong WPC balances its good quality and competitive price, we have more strict standards for quality- from the raw material to the shipping goods.

Deep Embossed Decking

Deep Embossed Decking is an affordable alternative to Superior WOOD, which has the advantages of co-extrusion floor but at a cheaper price. You can not recognize the 3D text

Texture features on our 3D Emboss composite. 3D Emboss comes in 3 stunning colour options; teak, walnut and ash grey to work back with any home or commercial project. The variation in texture enhances a natural, classic aesthetic that will look beautiful for many years to come.

This Surface is a 3D finish embossed wood grain design. The wood grain depth will reach up to 3mm in depth for a more realistic timber appearance. The Emboss finish makes the surface more outstanding than before and provides a beautiful and traditional rustic look.

Superior Wood

Superior Wood is co-extrusion composite decking, also called 2nd generation in the WPC field. Some problems of the first generation have been resolved and the industry welcomes the second generation of wood plastic composite decking.

Second-generation composite decking is manufactured with an outer layer to cover the entire decking board. This shielded capping was the important process used to allow the composite decking boards to resist fade, stain, mould and cracking. Wallong composite decking offers a natural wood grain look and finish. The new signature collection is truly stunning and displays a true natural wood look indistinguishable from real wood and its drawbacks.

Superior Resist

Superior Resist Wood is an upgraded version of Superior Wood. The origin of this name is because the shielded layer is super resistant and tough enough to stand against damage like deep scratches and slippery, which other decking can’t achieve. The outer shell completely encapsulates the decking in an impermeable layer of protection from fading and cracking. Wallong Superior Resist Wood will make you a stunning experience ever.


The soft texture decking is designed specifically for homeowners to find a personalized outdoor living solution that will improve their homes as time goes by. With anti-slip, sound absorption, soft texture and UV resistance, Wallong ACME Wood gives you an unprecedented experience of WPC Decking.

Sandblasted Co-extrusion

Sandblasted Decking's ultra matte surface and luxury colors create a permanent, gorgeous look that is ahead of any other composites. With such a luxurious finish and high-performance slip resistance, Sandblasted decking maintains its vibrant color and safety paradise for you and your lovely families.

Wallong Composite has always been dedicated to doing product research and development on technology and qualified raw material. This product development and hard work paid off helping Wallong to create an exclusive Sandblasted and ACME Wood that offers excellent performance that other products on the market can't achieve.

When you're looking to create the perfect outdoor space, please contact our sales team to provide suitable product information for you. Wallong will be here to be your backup.

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