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Five Misunderstandings About WPC Composite Decking

Are you bored of your old dingy outdoor space, which needs a lot of maintenance and looks dull and unattractive? WPC Composite Decking is for your aid; it is a type of decking that is composed of wood fiber and thermoplastic. Even though WPC composite decking provides excellent outdoor solutions, there are still some misunderstandings about it. This article will discuss the top 5 misunderstandings and myths about WPC Composite Decking. After reading this article, I am sure you will know the excellent benefits of WPC composite decking for your outdoor space.

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Five misunderstandings about WPC composite decking

Like every other popular product, WPC composite decking also attracts criticism, and usually, people spread baseless misunderstandings, which cause uncertainty in customers. The following are the top 5 misunderstandings about WPC composite decking.

1. WPC composite decking has unnatural looking

WPC composite decking is one of the most good-looking outdoor decking materials. It offers the best aesthetic appearance. WPC composite decking offers a superior natural appearance, which feels great and satisfying under bare feet. WPC composite decking provides a real wood look; it is very hard to distinguish it from real wood. The latest technology used in the manufacturing of WPC composite decking creates a very attractive natural-looking texture and color. The result of the fine craftmanship and technology has exceptional beauty and quality; that brings a totally new vibe to your outdoor setup.

2. WPC composite decking needs a lot of maintenance

The next major misunderstanding is related to the need for a lot of maintenance. When you install WPC composite decking for your outdoor space, you don’t need to worry about painting, sanding, or staining. Once in a while, soap and water cleaning is enough to maintain the attractive look of WPC composite decking.

3. WPC composite decking is not environmentally friendly

We believe that environmentally friendliness is the biggest advantage of WPC Composite decking compared with other materials. The WPC composite decking lasts for a long time without having any adverse effect on the environment. Moreover, WPC composite decking is made up of recycled material.

The processing and manufacturing of WPC composite decking don’t produce any pollutants. In addition to that, WPC composite decking reduces global timber consumption, and it is a very nice way to save our natural resources.

4. It is difficult to install WPC composite decking.

The perfect fittings of WPC composite decking seem like a hard thing to do. But believe me, it is just speculation that it is difficult to install WPC composite decking. With the whole set of installation accessories provided by Wallong, all you need to do is follow our installation guide, and then there you go, you have your perfectly fitted WPC composite decking.

5. WPC composite decking is too expensive and not worth it

Even though the initial investment might be a little bit more than the cost of wood, it is very economical in the long run. WPC composite decking doesn’t require extensive maintenance. Moreover, it is free from imperfections that exist in natural wood, and it is also immune to some natural wood problems such as termite attacks. The superior stylish look of WPC composite decking increases the economic value and impression of your house. Buying WPC composite decking is no doubt a worthy investment.

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Wallong WPC composite decking (Superior wood) and its advantages

I am sure now all your misunderstandings are gone. At this point, you must be interested in buying WPC composite decking for your outdoor life. Let me help you with why you should choose Wallong as your number one wood plastic composite decking supplier. Our superior wood is designed to offer many advantages to consumers:

  • Relief from extensive cleaning and maintenance

  • Higher resistance against scratch, abrasion, UV mold, fading, moisture, stains, and other contaminants

  • Easy installation

  • Longer lifespan

  • Anti-slip

  • More than 20-years residential warranty

  • A superior aesthetic appearance

  • Multiple colors and designs are available


Wallong is a pioneer in WPC products manufacturing and supplying. We provide quality products all over the world. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of products to our customers. If you need expert guidance on WPC wood plastic composite decking and other WPC products, then do contact us. Our team will provide you with the best customer service.

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